30 January 2011

Australia vs. America

I thought it might be fun to see what around $1 million gets you in Albert Park (Australia) vs. Atlanta (USA).

The results are pretty interesting. 

Note, for each link, it might be easier to right click and select ‘Open in New Tab’.

28 January 2011

Will property prices plateau?

In 2010, the media was reporting that house prices will keep rising indefinitely due to population growth and the supposed housing shortage. More recently, they have been saying that there will still be growth, but it will slower. Well it looks like they’ve changed their tune again. No, they are not yet brave enough to predict falls. Here’s what they said:

24 January 2011

Keep the champagne on ice

Right, that’s it!  I’ve had it up to here* with both Enzo Raimondo and the Herald Sun (*blogger’s note - I’m pointing to my forehead).

Let’s start with Enzo Raimondo.  He’s the CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, whose “institute” relies on the voluntary reporting of sales results from real-estate agents.  Anyone see the credibility problem there?